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Students donate blood and time to save lives By Nikky Raney

Students donate blood and time to save lives
The participation of volunteers and donors during the fall 2010 blood drive made the event a success
By Nikky Raney
            The Husson University Blood Drive was sponsored by campus radio station WHSN 89.3 and the America Red Cross on Monday, September 13, 2010.
            Marlon Weaver, New England School of Communications senior, was appointed organizer of the event by WHSN's Mark Nason.
            As a member of the Maine Army National Guard, Weaver was more than willing to volunteer his time for the American Red Cross.
            "Bottom line is [donating blood] saves lives, and that is important to me," Weaver says.
            There were many students who volunteered their time during this event, but the student who stands out most to Weaver is Anna Levesque, Husson freshman.
            "She really helped get the ball rolling. She was a last minute volunteer, showed up early, and organized multiple stations." Weaver continues, "Anna had such high energy, and she even came back after class to volunteer more."
            Levesque had previously volunteered for a blood drive during her senior year of high school, which made her eager to help out. She explains her duties as a volunteer:
            "As a volunteer I helped with the sign in process by reading the packets with the donors and determining eligibility. I escorted the donors off the table when they were done donating blood and I brought them to the canteen station. Volunteering makes me feel good."
            She was very happy by the turnout saying, "There were over 70 donors, mostly students, and it went really well. I wasn't able to donate since there wasn't enough time left, but I hope to next time."
            Decker Lenard, NESCom sophomore, was a first time blood donor who used this opportunity to find out his blood type.
            Lenard realized that donating blood was not as simple as just signing in, sitting down and having blood taken.
            "After signing up the doctors came and set me up in a tent. I was asked a lot of questions and after saying 'no' enough times I was placed on a table. My arm was disinfected and then I laid there as they took a pint of my blood. That took about seven minutes and immediately afterwards I was taken to the snack area where I ate Cheez-Its."
            In some cases the donating process does not go so smoothly, but in the event that someone feels as though he or she may pass out or become sick the volunteers and American Red Cross members are able to take care of the situation.
            Mike Dumont, Husson junior, donated last fall and recalls an instance where a volunteer had to ring the bell when a donor was about to pass out.
            “The volunteer just rang the bell for the donor and all of the sudden all of the people that are there with the Red Cross just rushed over to the donor.”
            Allegra Boyd, Husson sophomore, is a frequent donor who has experience with having to ring the bell.
            “I can tell when I am about to pass out - I tell the volunteer and then the volunteer dings the bell."
            Boyd has her own routine that she follows every time she donates.
            "Giving blood for me was pretty standard. Whenever I give blood quickly I get cold and have a headache. I usually donate really fast - most people take between six and 11 minutes, while I take about five. I keep my feet up while I donate and usually take a little extra time adjusting before walking over to the canteen." Boyd explains.
            Although giving blood may not be an easy process for her, Boyd feels good knowing her blood could save someone's life.
            "This time giving blood was easily the best reaction I've ever had. Even though I do sometimes react badly I don't intend to stop donating any time soon."

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