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Daniel Estulin's book on Bilderberg Group intrigues Fidel Castro - By Nikky Raney

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Fidel Castro has recently become intrigued with a book about the Bilderberg Group that deals with conspiracy theories like that of a "new world order"

Daniel Estulin, investigative journalist,  wrote The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club in 2006. The book argues that the Bilderberg Group runs the world as a sort of global government, one world corporation. He writes:

"In fact, relations between the Bush Administration and the ‘terrorist’ and leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, were never better."

Castro included excerpts from Estulin's book in an article published Wednesday, August 18, in the Communist Party newspaper Granma. The book describes how the Bilderberg lobbyists want "to install a world government that knows no borders and is not accountable to anyone but its own self."

Castro expresses his suspicions as to whether the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center were actually planned by the United States government.

The Bilderberg Group web site says that Bilderberg is not a "secret conspiracy," but an "extremely influential lobbying group. That's not to say though that the organisers [sic] don't have a hidden agenda, they do, namely acumulation [sic] of wealth and power in their own hands."

Judging by the spelling and grammatical errors the web site is probably not run by one of the group members.

It isn't often that a public figure in politics would address a conspiracy theory in such a way as to call the book "honest and well-informed." For Castro to publicly admit that he finds the book honest and well-informed is shocking.

It is reported that Castro has invited Estulin to a private meeting.

Now that Castro has brought this book to light and given it a considerable amount of attention - it's only a matter of time until more world leaders speak up on their own views - especially since this theory directly attacks the intentions and actions of the U.S. government.

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