"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible;
to be credible we must be truthful." - Edward R Murrow

Lindsay Lohan's manicure gets its own blog entry from CNN. --Nikky Raney

Lindsay Lohan's manicure was
given its own blog entry on CNN's Marquee Blog.

(Photo taken from CNN's blog post)

There's something about blogging that some people may not realize. Blogging for the sake of blogging is not worthwhile. CNN out of all news sources should have saved this blog entry for one of the gossip blogs (The Superficial perhaps, one of my favorites).

Yes, Lohan's manicure said "F*** U" on the middle finger, but does it require an entire blog post?

This blog post is a reminder to all that before you post a blog entry make sure that the topic has relevance. Writing a blog post for the sake of writing a blog post doesn't show the readers that there's a thought process behind the blogging.

If I was to blog every idea that popped into my head I would have more blog posts than any other blog out there. So, CNN let's make sure the next celebrity blog post has more depth to it.

I write a blog post about Lindsay Lohan's 90 day jail sentence, and CNN write a blog post about the manicure Lohan wore to court.

P.S. TMZ also reported about Lohan's manicure, because that's what TMZ does.

" Life is full of risks anyway, why not take them?" -- Lindsay Lohan

Why not take them? Because you'll end up in jail.

My next blog post will be about watermarking images & giving credit for photos.
I will also post the JOURNALISM 101 video.

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