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to be credible we must be truthful." - Edward R Murrow

Tila Tequila: Not Worth It Anymore. -- Nikky Raney

Tila Tequila is a lost cause. No matter how objective or supportive a blog entry is written - when Tila Tequila is called out for a lie she attacks in the only way she knows how. It's like middle school all over again - she gets others to hate and attack those she feels threatened by. She uses name-calling and cyber-bullying to make herself look "cool." The Tila Army sticks up for Tila like a middle school best friend. The Tila Army enjoys being apart of a celebrity fanbase with a celebrity who constantly keeps in touch; knowing that getting on Tila's bad side is not something that is favorable.

For a 28-year-old woman to blog hateful remarks to a 20-year-old who never posted a direct insult or accusation is a sign of something much more than cyber-bullying. I wrote objectively about Tila multiple times, because I thought if Tila ever read one of my posts she would be taken aback and really think about what was going on. To prove her lies was something that I wanted to do, and it was something that I did. Throughout this entire venture I have never published a blog entry with anything hateful toward Tila, because I don't hate Miss Tila. I actually feel bad for her, and because of that I am no longer blogging about her. I can honestly say that I had the best intentions with every blog post.

It didn't matter if I wasn't posting on a hate-site. Tila felt threatened that someone other than a "hater" was blogging about her and writing things that forced her to look at her lies.

Tweets are archived by the library of Congress. Facebook statuses, blog posts, tweets, etc. can be used in a court of law & someone can be sued do to what he or she publishes/posts on any of the social networking platforms. Everyone is held accountable for what is posted. Does anyone remember the woman who tweeted about her apartment being moldy & then was SUED.

So, here's the e-mail where I request an interview with Miss Tila. I originally sent it through Youtube, but then I e-mail it to support@misstilaomg.com:

So, here is the e-mail that I received:

If that's too small for you to read here is the text. I can assure you it is unaltered

(Have fun reading it out loud):

From: SUPPORT <support@misstilaomg.com>
Date: Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 6:24 AM
Subject: Re: Interview Request
To: Nikky Raney <


We here at the OMG staff does not condone hatred nor spam. We try to deliver fun news stories for our readers and as bloggers, we add our own signature style to thinks to separate us from the rest of the gossip blog world. The only reason why your comments got banned is because our site works with another company that automatically deletes comments that has too many profanities in them, and we also block anyone that posts links because we consider that spam or advertise bots.

Now if you go on Miss Tila's site, the staff, including herself, just blogs about celebrities and make it fun for the readers. No different that any other celebrity gossip blogger who does way worse in regards to talking shit about celebrities. However, if you truly are a nice girl like you claim, why do you join the rest of the hate comments and it is contradicting for you to say that. Imagine being in Miss Tila's spot just for one day. When she's not blogging about celebrity news, all of her other blogs are either informative or positive. Plus, the fact that you amongst those "rotspot" and "resistance" people constantly claims that she "LIES" about everything. You claim to be a journalist, which you are far from it because real journalists would actually do REAL research about such topics if they were interested and sometimes real journalists can take as long as a few months, to contact people, CREDIBLE people to find out what's true and what's not. If you go on these Tila Hate sites, you can see how much they waste their days and nights trying to bring her down, even dedicated a hate site all about her alone is pretty sad.

So unless people have actual evidence from Miss Tila's doctor's and hospital bills for her past miscarriage and her artificial insemination, and tweets and copying and pasting are not valid. If you bring those materials in the court of law, it would be laughable, as Miss Tila has gone through a lot, and it is nobody's business to "PROVE" to anyone that she never lied about any of the stuff that the haters claim she lies about. I know this because I am a longtime friend of hers and I blog for her. I a telling you this because I am sick of how harshly the haters bash on her, just for their own entertainment. As a matter of fact, I am the one who took her to the doctor when she was artificially inseminated. I also picked her up from the hospital when she fell and hit her head and caused her to mis-carry her baby. Miss Tila has been through a lot and does not need more people like you to mock her. The haters don't know her. They weren't there with her like I was when I had to hold her from her crying so badly when she lost the baby. I even cried and I am sick of people talking bad about her. They don't know her and neither do you. So for you to say you're not a "HATER" well you definitely are one when you make hate blogs about miss tila. And you haters act as though you guys are so perfect? As though anything miss tila does actually ruins peoples lives? No. If I were here I would have done more, and much worse things then tweeting you when she finally stood up for herself! I give miss Tila props for keeping her head high no matter how much of these same haters coming to HER blog everyday just to talk shit about her. It's redundant and how dare you have the audacity to try to contact her after what you did. You are far worse off then Miss Tila. I would say it's best to do what you claim as not being a hater and stop making hate blogs about her or "calling her out on her lies" sorry to break it to you, but Miss Tila never lied so you and the hate sites you talk to are just two-faced mean people. Please don't contact us again trying to get in touch with miss Tila when you actually can see your own actions of trying to harm a woman who never did anything to you to begin with. Peace...........

Anyway, this e-mail is ridiculous. I never blogged her miscarriages or her artificial inseminations, but the e-mail goes into details about both aforementioned topics. So, Tila obviously has never read any of my blog posts.

Staff? Honestly. I strongly believe that Tila Tequila wrote that e-mail. If she didn't, why wouldn't the e-mail close with some professional signature of some sort. The multiple periods are not very professional - then again that entire e-mail looks like it was written by a 12-year-old.

The e-mail speaks for itself, and I think that I could have just posted that e-mail as my final blog post.

As for my friendship with the "hater" blogs. I post things objectively for those who do not visit the "hater" sites. I no longer visit MissTilaOMG.com. Now, the "hater" blogs are run by PEOPLE who are actually very nice. My friendship with them has nothing to do with my opinion of Miss Tila. And come tomorrow when I am rid of all Tequila residue my friends at those blogs will still be keeping track of all the lies & deceit.

Now, as for positivity. The #TILAARMY has always been about positivity. Then why is it okay for someone who never attacked Tila to be called a fatty? I am called "PIGGY RAINEY" (she spelled my name wrong), and I am put in a sentence with "PIGGY PEREZ." Is this a joke? Perez actually said mean things to Tila, I never said ANYTHING mean in ANY of my blog posts. And anything that may SEEM mean is backed up with facts & links to posts. My last blog entry about her was strictly her TWEETS. Which she CAN be held accountable for in a court of law.

Defamation is something that Tila & her army need to learn. You cannot maliciously attack someone and try to ruin reputations without consequences. I do not plan to sue Miss TIla, but there is proof that Tila defamed me maliciously to try to ruin my reputation & in some ways she DID damage my reputation, but she more than anything promoted me.

Tila blogged about being on TMZ's blogroll. She even tweeted to me saying that I wasn't on TMZ's blogroll -- Zennie62.com is on TMZ's blogroll. Tila Tequila's blog is not on TMZ's blogroll. I don't know why it matters who is on TMZ's blogroll, because there are many other blogrolls out there. After the things TMZ has written about Miss Tila I am surprised she would WANT to be on its blogroll.

The Tila Army consists mostly of teenagers. TIla's #1 fan, Mittiee, is 16-years-old. I was 16 four years ago, and I remember that I was also a fan of Tila Tequila at that age. I was watching A Shot at Love, and I thought she was great. However, a lot has happened since then. I am concerned that these fans are going down the wrong path. Alina K Ring was once a Tila supporter, and she is also a teenager. Tila is undoubtedly known for her "sex" factor. She posts half naked photos, NAKED photos, has naked videos online (I'd rather not post the links, but they are out there. Not sex tapes, but other videos), and has performed at strip clubs. Hell, Tila also did strip teases on USTREAM for her fans & got naked. I saw the USTREAM videos, and I saw her fall backwards in the chair while wearing her lingerie. My mother walked by while I watched USTREAM and Tila was naked on webcam talking to her fans. My mom was outraged. When I told my mother that the 28-year-old woman on my screen claimed to be an Angel of God & claimed to be quite a religious young woman my mother was in disbelief. I then played one of Tila's songs, and my mom made me turn it off because of the profanity.

I am worried about the teenagers in the Tila Army. These boys and girls see Tila as a role model. Tila admittedly jokes about suicide, openly discusses her sexuality, posts nude photos, dresses inappropriately, and uses lots of profanity. If Tila Tequila walked into church & performed one of her songs she would probably be escorted out. Teenagers are impressionable, and it is people like Tila that make me wish parents watched their kids' internet activity. Yeah, it might be cool that a celebrity you like actually acknowledges your presence, but it is not okay to talk about an Ambien addiction or post half naked youtube videos regularly. Most of the Tila Army is not even old enough to look through Playboy or go to a strip club, but they can see Playboy photos online and watch Tila at the strip club on Youtube. What kind of Mogul is she?

Is it okay for a 28-year-old to be doing that? I truly hope the "TILA ARMY" reads this with an un-bias mindset.

And, if the adoption claims are true - no one is going to let Tila have children in her care. I know a lot about adoption, because a few of my cousins from the Philippines had to be adopted by other family members so that they could come to America. Adoptions take a long time, and there are many background checks to make sure that the child will be in a safe environment. Tila Tequila's lifestyle is not a safe or stable environment, and I don't think anyone can argue me on that point.

I thought Tila never lied though?

Read every single blog post that I have written about Tila Tequila:

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You'd think with all the blog posts I have done about her she would have accepted my interview request.

If I ever attacked her maliciously, called her names, or treated her unkindly then please let me know.

When you read those blog posts & realize I was never mean to Miss Tila then I hope that the "Tila Army" and maybe even Miss Tila can give me a sincere apology for the rude comments & unjustified attacks. If after reading my blog posts about Tila you think I deserve being called "Piggy Raney," and deserve all the hateful comments from Tila -- then I will be surprised. I think that I deserve an apology, but it takes a lot for some people to swallow their pride. I apologize for anything I said that may have been perceived as hateful, but I can assure you my intentions were always to remain objective & to do my duty as a journalist and blogger to report & research to set things straight.

The Blog Post Miss Tila wrote about being on TMZ's blogroll & one of the posts where she talks about me. I must be a celebrity if I am on Tila's Celebrity Gossip Blog. She calls me Piggy Raney..again:

obviously no one can read that, so click for a larger photo.

To keep up with Tila Tequila you keep visiting my friends:

Tila's Rot Spot

Tila Truth

Spiked Tequila

The difference between these people are they don't hate her for superficial reasons. They hate her for all the terrible things she has been caught doing & her lack of holding herself accountable or admitting to lies.

EXCLUSIVE: Tila's Army is going to WAR.

(Thanks to my "spies" for the links, screenshots, etc. All photos are courtesy of Google Images & my secret spies.)

Now, on that note. Since Miss Tila has already associated me with Piggy Perez, maybe it's time for me to see what makes he and I so alike. I already wrote an editorial on why we're different.

P.S. Did anyone CATCH that Tila's Staff E-mail says that she got a miscarriage due to hitting her head. She was tweeting right after she hit her head & basically was tweeting before she called the ambulance. Seriously? Have fun with this one.

Disclaimer: I, Nikky Raney, have absolutely nothing personally against Tila Tequila. Although she has personally attacked me through her blog posts and her tweets - I am a journalist and blogger who takes that with a grain of salt & does not return that anger or resentment. This is a job and a service that I do to inform others of the scandal/lies/etc. from public figures. Again, I have nothing against Tila Tequila. I am not a hater. I have attempted to get in touch with her to get her perspective and her opinion. AGAIN, I have nothing against her personally. I do this objectively in a professional manner, it's not personal it's about the story itself. I hope that I have made myself clear. My blog posts will prove for that I have never LIED about Miss Tila or called her ANY rude names. I have never used anything other than evidence from her own tweets, blogposts, and interviews to state my case. The attacks Tila has made against me and calling me "Piggy Raney" was unjust, and although she did that I still have nothing against her. She may try to attack and bring me down, but at the end of the day this is my job. And I am mature enough that to retaliate against someone whose way of responding is by name-calling would be futile.

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