"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible;
to be credible we must be truthful." - Edward R Murrow

Nikky Raney: Weekly Update

Today is my mom's birthday so I won't be able to update much.

But, I am going to give a quick run down of what I am going to be blogging about this week - June 13 - June 20. It's good to give myself a schedule since I am still new to this blogging thing & writing for two blogs can get confusing.

The Future of Journalism's Blog Expectations For 6/13 - 6/20:

-Post regarding interviews via Skype
-Post regarding what questions to ask in interviews
-Post comparing interviews done by separate sources on the same topic.
-A video regarding interviews.
-A quick journalism history lesson (think Hearst vs Pulitzer).
-The future of Newspapers
-Comparing news magazines
-Video of my interview with Till We Die.
-Planning on how to collaborate with Rob from Blogington.com (Big Deal)

That is what I have planned so far.
If you have any requests for what I should cover you can leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

P.S. All the Tila Tequila divulgence and revelations will be reported on Zennie62.com. I am working with Tila Rot Spot & people who know her personally. I am not trying to do sensationalist blogging or some strange investigative reporting piece. What I am trying to do is take all the pieces of the puzzle - what she has stated (proof from her blog posts, videos, tweets), and the proof from other publications, interviews, videos, posts. I will make sure that there is credibility behind every interview that I do and every potentially defamatory statement will be backed up with a credible source - I say this in regards to what the interviewees may say about her. I am not trying to attack her in any way, but I think the lies she has told and the way she presents herself as a role model for teenagers is unacceptable. The reason she gets away with all the lies is because the big news outlets do not have a reason to cover her, and if I worked for CNN, Newsweek, etc. I definitely wouldn't pay any time writing about her. Hell, I don't even think Fox would. But I am going to spend the time to go back down memory lane and show every claim she has made, and see the flaws and cracks within the stories. The claims made previously that have been proven lies. And I think that once and for all there needs to be all of her lies exposed and everything put on the table. I want to show it in a way that there is no way Miss Tila can argue or try to defend herself, because I will purely use facts. All of that will be done with Zennie. This blog is strictly Journalism related.

My very close friend Josh Grattan will begin reporting and blogging for Zennie62.com. I am hoping that we will do some collaborative work, but he will also be blogging on his own. I think his blog posts will focus on music (Eminem), movies (The Karate Kid), and Poker (online vs. live). Grattan will also be featured in many of my upcoming videos.

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