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The Future of Newsweek

EDITED: I made this post a week ago, but I only included links. I have deleted the previous posts and decided to start from scratch. I was posting the links to articles, but I never really gave my own opinion. And I forget sometimes that on a blog I CAN give my opinion. I am so used to always trying my hardest to be objective that I am hesitant to go too far with lack-of-objectivity within my blog.

I have been subscribing to Newsweek since I was 13 (2003). Well, to be accurate it has been my dad who has been subscribing, but whenever a new issue comes in the mail he makes sure that he promptly hands it over to me, and when I am finished he can have his turn. Anyway, news of Newsweek going for sale has got me flustered. Jon Meacham has made changes to the publications over the years. One of the changes is that most of the articles have gone from objective features to personal essays. Even though I was not particularly fond of that change, it didn't change my opinion of the magazine itself. Although I do not choose to write/report in that sort of way, I still enjoy reading the articles/essays written by these Journalists. It may not be traditional journalism, or but it makes that news publication stand out. I enjoy reading the Editor's Note from Meacham in first pages, the Conventional Wisdom, Dignity Index, the frequent submissions from Fareed Zakaria, etc. And it makes me sad to see that it is for sale. I hope that this will be a positive experience in the long run *Crosses fingers* . When I was younger (16/17, I am currently 19) I wanted to write for Newsweek. I thought about even one day being an Editor for Newsweek. Although that dream has altered a bit (I really want to be able to write for a newspaper, even if that means writing mostly for the webpage of the newspaper), I still enjoy and always look forward to reading Newsweek. At 13, reading Newsweek helped spark my passion to be a journalist (and Hunter S. Thompson followed, and then Walter V. Robinson), and I hope that it will continue to keep me informed and content.

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I found that Meacham's Editor's note for the latest issue was really motivating and positive. I even found it quote-worthy.
Cheers, hope you like the new layout :)

*Please do not let Rupert Murdoch buy Newsweek, I beg this of you*

"Journalism is kind of like baseball: if you win, great, but if you lose, you suck it up and get back up the next day to do it again." -- Jon Meacham

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