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Online Media Law for Bloggers

Online Media Law for Bloggers is a free self-directed course offered by Poynter Institute's News University.

Bloggers and others who want to know more about the laws that relate to gathering information and publishing content online should definitely take this course (as well as the MANY other courses offered by News University).

The self-directed course is said to take up to two hours, but you can start and stop whenever you want. You can start part of it now and then finish it up later. Although the course is self-directed there will be instructors helping you out (pre-recorded instruction).

The course description states, "It will make you aware of the red flags you should watch for to stay on safe legal ground. And, you'll have fun learning with activities such as "You Be the Judge" that tests your knowledge on some recent court cases involving bloggers."

The instructors for this course include David Ardia, Geanne Rosenberg and Scott Swift.

After completing this course you will know more about defamation, copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy. Even though I already know about these things it never hurts to learn more.

I am probably going to go take all the free courses within the next few days. I would recommend that (especially now that schools are almost out of session) bloggers, journalism students, writers, reporters, teachers, etc. should take a look at the offered courses and enroll. There are some courses on there that are said to take 14 hours of instruction!

This is a great way to continue learning about journalism while not being in school.
Although the BEST way to learn journalism is through EXPERIENCE, this definitely counts as a great way to learn even more. You also are given TESTS and QUIZZES to track your learning!

There are so many other courses that I would love to take, but I can't afford them. Maybe if one of the courses really sticks out to me I can save up some money! There are some courses/seminars/programs that require advanced application due to time sensitivity, group size available, and instructors availability.

I am glad that News University is available online for EVERYONE. This will help anyone who writes and publishes information online whether it be on a blog, Facebook, comment, website, etc. There are also free design training courses and the list goes on and on. Check it out for yourself.

This is definitely a PLUS for the future of journalism! Although it does not REPLACE the classroom (or a college degree), it can ADD to that as well as education for those who are unable to attend school or want to learn something specific! I am so glad that this exists. It is all done on your own free time (well, the self-directed ones). There are even design and photoshop training (free ones!)

Dear News University,
The Future of Journalism has become a little brighter thanks to you.
(As long as people use this source!)

P.S. Why do we have to capitalize "Facebook" when the logo says "facebook" with all lower-case letters? I know that it's a proper noun and that is why we have to capitalize it, but that is just something that irks me.

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