"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible;
to be credible we must be truthful." - Edward R Murrow

Crime photos: public or private? (Part one)

For PART ONE I am going to post the article that has sparked this idea within my head.

"Recent court fights over the videotape of a killer whale attack at SeaWorld in Florida and a writer's request for investigative photos of a slain Georgia hiker's body are rekindling a familiar debate...

The question: Where should the line be drawn between the public's right to know and a crime victim's family's right to privacy?" --CNN

My next post will include where I stand on this issue, not from a personal standpoint, but from the standpoint of a journalist. The way that I think this should be handled and an explanation of how this will affect the future of journalism will be included in the next post.

"There were influences in my life that were more important than journalism, such as comic strips and radio."-Guillermo Cabrera Infante

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