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The Spectator

Anyone who is interested in keeping print alive at Husson University & The New England School of Communications may be interested in attending a meeting for The Spectator, campus newspaper for Husson & NESCom faculty & students. The meeting will be held in the NESCom WCC building in room 306 from 12 - 12:30 on Wednesday, September 27, 2010.

Advisor to The Spectator, Susan Patten made a decision over the winter break to limit the managerial positions to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. So any upperclassmen interested in being in a managerial position should definitely show up to the meeting.

Last semester I was the Managing Editor of The Spectator. It was my first semester as a freshman at NESCom and it was a great experience. It was different than being the Managing Editor to The Tide, the largest broadsheet student run newspaper in New England that was created at Dover High School in New Hampshire in 2006 by the staff in Daniel Singer's Journalism course. The Spectator staff is much smaller and does not need to stress/worry about funding or selling advertising, because it is fully funded. The Spectator is still in its beginning stages, but I am ready to see how it evolves and I hope that my contributions will help to make it the best campus paper in Maine (title currently held by University of Maine's paper) by the time I graduate in May 2013.

This semester will be amazing as long as we have lots of contributors.
I hope to see many of you tomorrow at the meeting, it will be brief.

**EDIT** 1/29/2010
I was informed by my advisor, Head of the Journalism Department at NESCom, Dr. Mark Kelley, that University of Maine was given the title of #1 college paper in New England. So, not just in Maine, but the entire New England. Wow.

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